Lapenda’s WVC was the fourth MMA franchise to be aired on US Pay-per-view after the UFC, WCC and XF. At the time there was no IN-DEMAND and Viewer’s Choice and Request controlled the UFC broadcast market with a total universe of 30 million homes. After a long struggle to convince the network of the viability of international MMA, he was successful of getting in onto pay-per-view. Immediately after his event, members of Congress were able to get MMA banned from PPV and only DirecTV and DISH were allowed to show the event. The headliners of this show were UFC 7 champion Marco Ruas and UFC 2 runner-up Patrick Smith.

Lapenda was also responsible for introducing the first ever pay-per-view in Brazil, with his WVC III in Sao Paulo in 1997. It featured jiu-jitsu star Fabio Gurgel against Mark Kerr with a superfight between Pedro Rizzo and Richard Heard.

Always looking to break new ground, in May 2011 Lapenda teamed up with YouTube to do the first YouTube online MMA broadcast. The event was flawlessly streamed live from Moscow and caused Google’s stock to shoot up the day it was announced as investors understood that Lapenda’s vision of tomorrow, live sports internet streaming, would become the medium of the future.